Side By Side: A line of three varied interpretations of Spanish Riojas, offering a bit more sophistication to everyday drinking, particularly to those interested in hunting.

What is it about gun rooms? Walking into one, you see dark, rich woods and smell a hint of gunpowder and leather in the air. Filtered light catches on the guns and their engravings, and a heavy silence sits on the room, inviting the hunter to sit quietly, reflecting on that last shot. Popping the cork on one of these wines is just like walking into your favorite gun room; immediately aromas of dust and tobacco assault your senses. With three options, our line of Side By Side wines invites you to savor each one, choosing a bottle as carefully as you would choose the day’s gun.

Side By Side Rioja Gran Reserva '07

This wine is over a decade, but you’d never know it by tasting it. Lively, rich, and opulent flavors of plum and blueberry pie, with a hint of cocoa, might leave you thinking you’ve been deceived. It’s mature and classic, traditional and elegant like a true James Purdey. Both have the weight and balance needed to quietly stand out from the rest. Save this one for your more memorable excursions.

Side By Side Rioja Reserva '09

“Reserva” refers to wines that have been aged in barrel for at least a year and for an additional two years in bottle. The term itself is a hint that what’s in the bottle is something unique and special. This wine is made in a time-honored tradition, much like the AYA “best guns,” made in the English manner in Spain. Meticulous detail goes into the engraving and making of one of these guns, and exhaustive thought and winemaking technique goes into this wine. Bright black cherry and dark plum coat the tongue, and the finish is robust tannins with a hint of vanilla and caramel.

Side By Side Rioja Crianza '13

You and the dogs are weary from miles of walking and not a bird in sight. It’s time for an everyday wine; something that goes down easily, soothes the soul, and won’t break the bank. Our Crianza is just the thing at a value price; this light red boasts bright bing cherries and raspberries on the palate. It’s young and vibrant with a plush mid-palate that finishes with a touch of pomegranate and brown sugar. You know that trace scent of smoke in the air after you fire a shot? There might just be a little of that in there, too.